Arab Organization for Industrialization

It was established in 1975 for creating technology-based industries in the Arab World. The AOI Higher Committee is chaired by the President of Egypt.


International Relations

The AOI has strong relations with several multinational companies, including:

Brazil: Embraer

Canada: De Havilland, Pratt & Whitney

China: CATIC, Norinco, ZTE

Denmark: Kruger, Cambria

France: Dassault, Snecma, Aerospatiale, Thales, Matra, SAT, Alstom

Germany: Knorr, Tissen, Mercedes, Vensys, Giersch

Hungary: Ganz

Japan: Mitsubishi, NEC,Kinki

Romania: Romarm, Aerostar

Spain: Temoinsa, Colway

United Kingdom: British Aerospace, Rolls-Royce

United States of America: General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Chrysler