Advanced Trainer Aircraft :: K8-E



  • Wide speed range and high maneuverability with high flying qualities in compliance with MIL-F-8785CIV for high maneuverability.
  • Good Field-of-View cockpit arrangement that is very close to that of combat aircraft.
  • Advanced equipment (including instrumentation, communication, navigation, etc.) satisfying the requirements of advanced training for pilots.
  • Advanced environmental control system capable of providing Air-conditioning both on Ground and Air.
  • Hydraulically operated wheel steering.
  • Highly reliable bailout system.
  • Advanced TFE731-2A-2A turbofan engine with low fuel consumption and minimum operation and maintenance costs.
  • 14000 flight hours or 25 years of service life for the Airframe structure.


Technical Specifications

(i) Weight and Dimensions:



      Normal takeoff weight

: 3700 kg. 

      Useful loads

: 943 kg. 

      Capacity of internal fuel tanks 

: 780 kg. 

      Max. takeoff weight 

: 4332 kg. 

      Overall length

: 11.6 m.

      Wing span

: 9.63 m.



(ii) Performance:



      Max. level speed

: 800 Km/Hr

      Unstick speed

: 185 Km/Hr

      Touchdown speed

: 160 Km/Hr

      Rate of climb at sea level

: 30 m/Sec

      Takeoff ground run

: 440 m.

      Landing ground run

: 530 m.

      Service top ceiling

: 13.6 Km.

      Built-in range

: 1560 Km.

      Ferry range (with drop tanks)

: 2140 Km.

      Flight endurance

: 3.2 Hours

      Limit load factor

: from +7.33 (g) to -2 (g)

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