SAKR Factory


SAKR factory Chairman

 Eng. Abdul-Mohsen Abdul-Sadek

 Tel.           : (+202) 22693410 , 22692414

 FAX          : (+202) 22691210 , 22691978

e-Mail        : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 SAKR factory for developed industries was established in 1949 as a specialized complex in the field for research, development and production of rocketry and missile systems, as well as different weapon systems. It become an affiliate of AOI when AOI was established in 1975

SAKR Factory Military Activities

  • The family 122 mm. light artillery rockets with ranges of up to 45 km. These rockets are fitted with high-explosive or dispersive warheads with bomblets
  • Stationary and mobile launchers single, quadruple or multi-tubes
  • Man-portable rocketry systems fired from RPG launchers (conventional PG-7, Cobra, Home Guard and Cobra Tandem incendiary) in addition to manufacture of the launchers of these systems
  • Mine dispensing systems, stationary or mounted on light and armord vehicles
  • 122 mm. illumination and smoke-screen rocketry systems
  • Man-protable short-range air defense systems (SAKR-EYE)
  • Anti-tanks mine clearing ploughs
  • Magnetic mine activation systems