Aircraft Factory

Aircraft  factory was established in 1950 for very special production and very  new field in that period of time, which is Fixed Wing Aircraft Industry. And Aircraft factory became one of Arab Organization for Industrialization affiliate in 1975 when AOI was established.

Mohamed Zien Aircraft

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Eng. Mohamed Zien Al-Abideen

Aircraft Factory Chairman

Aircraft Factory Military Activities

  • Manufacture and assembly of fixed wing aircraft, the past production of the factory included AL-KAHIRA 200, AL-KAHIRA 300, ALPHAJET AND TUCANO.
  • Manufacture of Auxiliary fuel tanks for fighter aircraft of Western and Eastern vintage.
  • Manufactured and Assembled 120 aircraft type K-8E in cooperation with a Chiness Company "CATIC".
  • Major repair and overhaul of aircraft airframe of K-8E for EGYPTIAN AIR FORCES "EAF".
  • Manufacture of aircraft's spare parts and components for international companies including DASSAULT, De Havilland, MATRA, Aerospatiale and General Dynamics.
  • Production of Airport's ground Equipment.
  • Aircraft factory now carrying out some new projects such as:
    • Overhaul and Major repair of Airframes of K-8E
    • Manufacturing and Assembling of ASN-209 UAV system for EAF.
  • Production of Tiger light combat vehicles in cooperation with an international company.